Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Remembering 09/11/01

Where were you on the morning of 9/11/01?

At least a couple of us remember being at Denny's that morning for a board meeting.We were a Wednesday noon group for many years and the board meeting was Tuesday mornings.  I remember Bob Capurro asking me if I had seen what was happening, and as we walked out to the lobby were they had a 15-inch TV on the wall and saw the second plane crash into the second tower.  It was unbelievable and no one knew what was going on.  News of the Pentagon crash came a while later.  As it did for the Pennsylvania crash followed by stories of "lets roll".

Driving back to the office was about 'sounds of silence' as you could hear nothing yet heard everything.  By the time I got to the office, planes had been asked to land at the nearest airport and we had clients stuck all over the country.  Cars were being rented to drive to other cities and we had clients stuck in Hawaii and Europe for almost two weeks as all flights had been cancelled until further notice.  The Travel business changed forever as did the way we liked to travel.

Bin Laden had always said about hitting where it hurts, bringing America to its knee.The 3,000 innocent beings meant nothing to him, he wanted to bring the economy to a halt, and he did for a few weeks.  As always we rebounded.

But need to be vigilant, always.  It is not over.

The words 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer' are closer to the truth ever.

Lion Suraj

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