Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Reno Sparks Gospel Mission Presentation

Kelly Peitz  of Discovery Church, and Mark Giuliano of Reno Sparks Gospel Mission were the first guest speakers for 2016 at Sparks Greenbrae Lions on January 5th.


After and very eloquent, and passionate, plea to help the homeless in Reno, RSGM was presented with the food items collected at the Sparks Greenbrae Christmas party.  Kelly Peitz also volunteers at RSGM and was given 100 of the Personal Hygiene kits to pass out during her hours at St. Vincent's Dining Room in Reno.

Sparks Greenbrae Lions has also been invited by Catholic Charities to participate in the8th Annual Project Homeless Connect, on January 26th, to pass out the signature eyeglass case hygiene kits.  Up to 1,000 are expected at the event.


Suraj Zutshi, CTC, CTIE

Sparks Greenbrae Lions



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